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The Fault In Our Stars
John Green 

To be kind, I will start this post, not being 'myself.' I will leave my opinion out of it, for now...

The Fault In Our Stars, where to begin? Well, its a best seller, its written by a man, (which you don't see in teenage books as often) and its a very touching story that really lets you understand the true value of life and loved ones.

Sixteen year old Hazel Grace, (or as she wishes to be called 'Just Hazel) is the main character in the book. Sadly, Hazel is diagnosed with thyroid cancer, unfortunately it is stage 4, and there is metastasis forming in her lungs. Wishing she could be a normal teenager, Hazel spends mostly all her time, watching Americas Next Top Model, or reading her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Her mother wants her to go out, and live her life and make friends, by going to a support group, but honestly, there's not much Hazel hates more than support groups, but she wants to make her mom happy, so she agrees. She constantly feels guilty about her disease and fears the day when she dies, knowing it will destroy her parents.

One day, while suffering her way into support group, she notices a new face shes never seen before, and believe me, this is a face she would've remembered.

His name is Augustus Waters. Seventeen year old boy full of metaphors. His type of cancer is Osteosarcoma, which caused him to lose a leg, but thankfully its been a little over a year and his last PET scan said he was cancer free.

Immediately Augustus and Hazel are attracted to each other, but Hazel doesn't want to get in a relationship with him simply because she views herself as a grenade, she will explode and hurt the people around her, and she doesn't want to do that to Augustus.

This story is full of great life lessons, and gives you a new way of thinking about the world.
It really does a good job showing the struggles of whats its like to have cancer, from people treating you different out of pity, and giving you free stuff, or how people view them as infectious, and admire their inspirational 'battles' with cancer, but really all Hazel wants is to be treated like a normal person.

This book can really open your eyes to new points, otherwise never would've crossed your mind. Its very honest, and true, but boy, the whole idea is depressing.

My opinion: No, just no....
unless you enjoy very sad stories and like thinking about death,
than no.

I enjoyed the meaning behind some of the quotes, it gave me a new way of thinking... but overall I did not enjoy the book.

It was difficult to bond or draw close to the characters for me, and the love story part didn't really seem true. It just was written like two teenagers who liked each other and then they hooked up, there was no loving mad passion that causes deep, love.

I know this is the type of story you think the characters would be deep, and very emotional, but quite honestly, that couldn't be more from the truth. Despite everything, the characters seemed, light hearted and never missed a moment to joke around. That may work for some people, but to me, I don't think a deep drama should clash with funny go lucky humor.

Another thing that bothered me was it bounced from one scene to the other. One moment Hazel is with (blank).. then the next moment, (blank) is dead. Which just left me like..... "wat."

I think what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't give you time to prepare... but that's just my opinion.

I saw the trailer for the movie that will be coming out in June, and it brought tears to my eyes. I think, for the first time in history, (write this down) the movie will be BETTER, than the book... I know, crazy, right?

Overall, I'd give this book,

                                                          3 out of 10 stars

Have you read The Fault In Our Stars?
Do you Agree/Disagree with my opinions?
Are you a fan of the book ?
Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear!

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Love without control, 
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