Saturday, May 10, 2014

Clockwork Angel

By Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has done it again.
Being my favorite author, I can honestly say she did not disappoint me in this book.
She has a special way of writing that always makes you want MORE. She gives you just enough information to grab you... but refuses to give you just enough to make you feel satisfied... so you'll read more. Cassandra really is a gifted evil genius.

This story takes place in gloomy London, year 1878. The main character Theresa, (Tessa) a sixteen year old New Yorker, has received a note from her brother that she should come to London to stay with him due to their aunts passing. When she arrives on the docks of London, expecting to see her brother Nathaniel, she is surprised to instead be approached by two ladies who go by the name, "The Dark Sisters." They tell her Nathaniel sent them to pick her up, and they would take her to him.

Flash forward six weeks later, Tessa's entire world has been flipped upside down. She doesn't know where her brother is, The Dark Sisters have captured her and tortured her, forcing her to change, to use her 'power' she wasn't even aware she had. If she wouldn't do as told, they would kill Nathaniel. The Dark Sisters told Tessa they were preparing her power for a man called "The Magister." She was to marry him after the Sisters were done training her. This new found power of hers lets Tessa be able to turn into anyone who has ever lived... as long as she is holding something that belongs to them. In my opinion, it sounds like a really cool power to have. Tessa, however views it as a curse. The night she is to wed The Magister, something happens. These strange people with tattoos and black clothing show up, and rescue her, but not before she sees The Dark Sisters true form.

Now Tessa is in the home of her rescuers, not knowing whether they can be trusted or not. Shes confused, and afraid, all she wants to do is find her brother. Her saviors, (also known as Shadowhunters) told her they would help her find him... if she would help them in return. At this point Tessa doesn't know what to believe. Shes finding out things about herself that makes her question her whole life.. including even who her parents are, or what they are.

This definitely makes my top list of favorite books. Its addicting to say the least, with action, suspense, and things you would NEVER expect to happen. It left me with a gaping mouth. Its a roller coaster that takes you right along with it, with characters that you will fall in love with.

I would definitely recommend you read this book if you're a fan of surprise, suspense, and romance. This would be perfect.

Overall I give it a 9/10. Only because its the first book in the series.

Have you read Clockwork Angel?
Do you Agree/Disagree with my opinions?
Are you a fan of the book ?
Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear!

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