Saturday, January 18, 2014

STITCHES by Anne Lamott


Anne Lamott
Published 2013 by Riverhead Hardcover

A slim volume that might escape notice at first. Anne Lamott  has once again hit the literary ball straight out of the park with STITCHES - A Handbook On Meaning, Hope And Repair. 

Touching on everything from death to alcoholism and all challenging issues in between, each topic is handled with a delicate touch. Even the Newtown tragedy is addressed briefly, a thing which most modern writers are not even beginning to broach yet but as well all know has to be talked about eventually. Good for Lamott for "going there" and attempting the impossible. In fact, she repeatedly "goes there" and brings up the darkest topics. While not pretending to have all the answers/ she does at least look directly at the questions themselves It is that quality that makes her book avoid the trite and the saccharin and is in fact its saving grace.   

With chapters entitled with ubiquitous words such as "Forward" and "Beginning" and of course, "Stitches, it is vital not to miss the deep workings her words weave in favor of the obvious simplicity. Really, all universal truths are simplistic in origin, thus their ability to sick in our collective memories to be pulled out when most needed. That is just one of the points gently presented in these collective words.

As mentioned above this is a not a large book, only 96 pages. Even though small in the amount of space it occupies, this book is huge in thought, heart and soul. It is a rich resource for anyone looking to take 5 minutes on a coffee break for a thoughtful meditation on life and why it is so very worth going on with, in spite of and because of each and every challenge. 

Till next time dear friends, keep reading - keep thinking~

The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest minds of past centuries. - Rene Descartes

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