Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summer Of My German Soldier
Beete Greene

Another passion of mine, along with reading, is learning about other countries. When I found this book, I happened to be learning about Germany... so I decided to read this book. 

Lets just say i made a huge mistake that day...
Out of ALL the books I've read, this one is the worst BY FAR.
It was written in 1973, and takes place in the time of WW2.
Lets start with the plot, of the book. Okay, what is this books title? "Summer of My German Soldier." Well, the 'German Soldier' comes in way late in the book. One would assume it was going to be about him, considering the title and all. But he comes in late, and leaves early. Leaving the book to focus on little Patty Bergen, the star of the book. 

 She always finds herself lost and unnoticed due to her little sisters star light, while her parents treat her like dirt under a rug. But that's not all, it seems like her parents enjoy seeing her suffer. They take away her friend because he is too poor for her to play with, and if she does try to see him, she gets beat. The only person who actually cares for Patty at all is her families house maid. When Patty is not getting beat and shunned, she helps pass her time by working at her parents store. 

One day in the little southern town, something very exciting happens. Imprisoned German soldiers show up on a train to become slaves for the dirty work of their town. Well this is a huge deal for the towns people because nothing exciting ever happens. While working in her parents store, the prisoners come in for need of supplies. Patty helps them and ends up making  friends with an imprisoned German soldier (Anton). Later on in the book, Anton escapes. Patty hears about it and feels awful and alone because he is her only friend. Later she finds him trying to jump on the train before it leaves to get away, but she stops him and makes him miss his train. So to make up for it, she hides him above her fathers garage. She brings him food, and takes care of him, and of course for that he is grateful. But the worst and most disturbing part in the book is when they fall in love... Oh, and did i mention that Patty is 12 and Anton is 22? But that doesn't stop them from their relationship. Yeah, awkward right?

She has to keep Anton a secret or else they will both get in trouble, but her house maid finds out about him and is actually 'supportive' of Patty keeping him. She doesn't seem to mind their relationship. It ends tragically, he leaves, and Patty gets caught for keeping him.Her parents end up hating her even more, yeah I didn't think it was possible either, but they do. The only one still there for her is her maid. 

Now for those of you who want to read this book, I wont say how it ends. But it is AWFUL... I'm going to tell you that this book is extremely depressing and a waste of time, do not recommend, just thought I should warn you. :) You wont like how it ends. It's tragic. 

That's what I get for reading a book based on its country! Turned out it wasn't even in or about Germany at all, oh well, you live and you learn. :P

I will give this book....           2/10     :P

Have you read the Summer of my German soldier?
Do you Agree/Disagree with my opinions?
Are you a fan of the book or movie?
Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear!

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