Wednesday, January 8, 2014

 Jack London 

I really enjoyed doing this review because White Fang is my favorite classic book. Not just because I love wolves, but its also a very touching story. It's not what one would expect from a story about wolves, but this story is very humane.

The story first takes you through the life of a wolf pack, their fight for survival, they are all starving and if they don't find something to eat soon, they will starve. Leaving them no choice but to stalk these two men, (Bill and Henry) whose only mission is to deliver a coffin to a little town called Fort McGurry. They have to travel through the harsh northern weather, guided by only their sled dogs. But their loyal dogs can only take so much, because of the weather, they're forced to stop.

While waiting for the weather to lighten, the realize they are being stalked by a pack of starving wolves. One by one, their sled dogs are disappearing, and they know once their sled dogs are gone, they're next. They end up facing and fighting the wolf pack, you can only imagine how that goes.

Skipping ahead to the actual story of White Fang, he is born, and his parents want nothing more than to protect him and keep him safe, because you see, all his siblings didn't make it. But being a pup, he doesn't understand that, so one day while his parents are away hunting desperately for food, this curious pup, decides to travel.

He ends up OK, thanks to his parents who fought off the animals of the forest that tried to eat him. But did that teach him a lesson, nah. You know how stubborn kids, and pups, can be.

Later in the book, he gets taken by a man, who is awful and mistreats him, then gets sold to another man, who just wants him to kill other dogs. Basically, he gets sold from owner to owner, and every owner he goes to just wants him to be vicious and kill. So that's all White Fang knows to do, its very sad.

But eventually, he gets rescued by a nice man, and moves to California. But this man is not nasty like the others, and this one disapproves of aggressive behavior. White Fang has to learn a whole new life style, which isn't easy for a dog. He's confused at first, and the family is afraid of him and wants to get rid of him because he showed aggressive behavior. But the man who saved White Fang has grown attached to him and doesn't want to give up on him. In the future, it pays off. The touching part of the story that could make anyone go, "Aw" is when White Fang learns to love these people, his family, and he would give his life for them. As a matter of fact, he ends up saving one of the family members lives, yeah, I bet they're glad they didn't get rid of him now. :P

The book lets you connect to White Fang on a personal level, it takes you on a tour through his life. Brings you through all the struggles, the survival, the dog fighting, and all the horrible owners. But its all worth it in the end when he too, gets his happily ever after.  :)

Overall, because of its happy ending and touching story that could make anyone like me cry... i give it..

                                                                       7/10   ^-^

Great story! :) 
Definitely recommend.

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