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By: Cassandra Clare

Although, this book may not be as well known as Hunger Games, The Fault In Our Stars, Twilight, or Divergent... it is by far my favorite. If you read my other reviews on Hunger Games or Twilight, you should know that I love those books, and me saying I love this one more than those, its really saying something!

I came across City Of Bones one day, looking through the book store for Divergent, actually. I passed a table, and it was filled with all these different pieces called, "The Mortal Instruments". It had merchandise, posters, and the whole book series, laid out on top of it. It caught my attention of course, I mean, who wouldn't be curious about a whole area filled with things that didn't look like they were from this world?

(I was also near it because it was right next to The Hunger Games Books as you can see here :P)

I examined the covers, and read the summary, and came to the conclusion that it really wasn't going to be that interesting and I shouldn't waste my time when I could be reading better books. So I moved on, and gave my attention to Game Of Thrones. 

Later that night, I went to red box, and saw a movie called, "The Mortal Instruments, City Of Bones" and I was like "Wow! What a coincidence!" I thought I should give the movie a try, and see if my guess about it being not interesting was correct. Plus, on the cover it said, "Better than Hunger Games". Seeing that made me want to prove it even more wrong, I was like, Ha, not possible. 

was wrong. By the end of the movie, it felt like I was a different person. I knew I had to read those books. First of all,, I know the books are always better than the movie. And secondly, I NEEDED to know what happened next! I'd like to believe 'fate' led me to this book. ;)

Thus was born my new addiction.
City Of Bones starts you off on a journey filled with, action, romance, comedy, and adventure. One thing about this book that is different from most other books I've read, it is through a 3rd person point of view. Which makes it feel like you're there, WITH the characters on all their journeys.

The main character in this book, is 16 year old, red headed, Clary Fray. She lives an ordinary 16 year old's life, spends time with her best friend Simon, goes to his band practice, and loves to draw. One day while being a normal teen, she goes into a club, where she sees these strange people go into another room, curious, she follows. Three of the four people confront another man. She could tell them apart from each other because the three people were covered in these strange marks. While eavesdropping, she is able to pick up names. The one called Jace, lifted up a weapon that looked like a sword, and he was about to slay the man without the marks. She ran out, panicked, trying to make them stop and distracted everyone. Everyone except the no mark. He lunged at Jace and started attacking him. The others all fought together and killed no mark, but they were still angry that she got in the way. They threatened her, but Jace, insisted they let her go.

She goes home, terribly confused, but who could she talk to? Simon thinks she might be going crazy, because he didn't see the fight happen, and her mother didn't want her going out in the first place. Trying, without success to forget about the incident, she goes with Simon to a poet reading at the place where they always drink coffee, Java Jones. But while shes there, she sees the person who killed that man in the club, sitting right behind her watching her. He leaves and she follows him, confronting him about the night before. Hes just as confused as she is, and explains a whole supernatural world, going on all around people that normally, they cant see, including himself, but she can see him, how can that be? The world is filled, with magic and myths. Her normal teenage life, might not be as normal as she thought. 

This book takes you through a whirlwind of surprises, and things you would never expect to happen... haha... believe me on this one. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with the constant torture of "what happens next!?" the whole entire time. While reading this book, -Along with ALL the rest of the books in the series- I literally had to fight, with myself not to go ahead and see what happens next. Even if its skimming to the bottom of the page to see what mystery character had showed up. 

This book series, is my favorite series, of all time. Starting off with the fantastic first book, "City Of Bones
WARNING: It will reel you in, and never, ever let you go, until you finish the last book, "City Of Heavenly Fire" that has not yet been released... and even then, this book will stay with you and always hold a special place in your heart like it has with mine.

                                       I will give this individual book, 9/10
                              Although if you were asking me to rate this series,
       No questions asked, there are not enough good words in the world to describe it.


Have you read City Of Bones?

Do you Agree/Disagree with my opinions?
Are you a fan of the book or movie?
Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear!

                                                   (Very true with this one!!!)

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